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Furnace Repair and Installation

Thanks for fixing the water leak in my washroom. Was quick and efficient.
Ameya Bhagat
Ameya Bhagat
Cesar from New West Plumbing assisted with my bathroom renovation with installing a new sink, toilet and bathtub. Very professional and everything worked fine. Excellent plumbers I would use again.
Prime Chimney Repair
Prime Chimney Repair
I had their service today on Sunday and not only the service but the people were exceptional! Thank you!!
Great experience with New West Plumbing. My call was promptly answered and the appointment was quickly scheduled. They did a great job of installing a new hot water heater and also in explaining thoroughly the functionality of the unit. Thank you!
D Baek
D Baek
Punctual effective fast polite.
xzhm lxm
xzhm lxm
Professional plumbing service from New West Plumbing! Cesar was able to find the source of the leak and get it repaired quickly. He showed up on time and he was very friendly. Great experience overall and I would call again for future needs.
Chloe McClain
Chloe McClain
Cesar and team were amazing, they addressed an issue very quickly and gave me suggestions on how to address this with my Strata and possible warranty. Upon the initial assessment they needed a part, Cesar got on the phone and managed to source one locally and came back to address the fix the same day. The call phone call prior to their arrival with a time frame was a bonus added touch so I wasn’t hanging around all day waiting. A big thank you to them!
Lou Setchell
Lou Setchell
They were quick to respond to my call. They did a good job when they came to fix the toilet.
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Cesar came to install my newly purchased Navien water heater. I found him to be very friendly and professional. I had a bunch of questions regarding the installation and he kindly answered them thoroughly. Happy to call him again for any future plumbing needs.
Josh Val
Josh Val
Booked an estimate for a bathroom overhaul, I was told they'd call me the day before to arrange a time. Didn't receive a phone call, and they didn't show up on the scheduled day. Look elsewhere - this company is too busy to care about new clients. 5* work doesn't mean anything if they can't even show up.
Morgan King
Morgan King

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Furnace Repair and Installation - New Westminster, B.C.

When you hear the name New West Plumbing, you might not think of furnace repair and furnace installation, but we specialize in just that. Of course, our experienced technicians provide plumbing repair, too, but we want to spend a few moments telling you about the great service we can provide you regarding furnace repairs and installations. We offer quick, efficient service by trained professionals to New Westminster, BC and the surrounding area. When you experience problems with your heat or ventilation, call us. Including maintenance, we also install new water heaters, furnaces and boilers.

Furnace defined

What is a furnace? A furnace and a heater serve similar functions, but they aren’t the same thing. A furnace blows warm air in ductwork that disperses the air throughout your home or office. The air expels through vents in the ceiling, floors, or walls. More than one type of heat system exists. You need to know the kind you have in your home. The only type we do not service is electrical heat and heat pumps. We do service furnaces, in-floor radiant heat systems, radiators, boilers, and forced air systems that run on natural gas.

Nine common furnace problems

Under normal circumstances, a properly operating furnace heats a home or office by distributing its warm air via the ducts with a blower fan through the vents. If you notice the temperature falling in the room or whole home, you probably want to get to the bottom of the problem immediately. When you check the vent and find it wide open, but no air or cool air flowing through it, you need to phone us. We can provide emergency service so you remain warm during the winter. Here is a quick rundown of the top furnace problems.

Furnace care tips

You can extend your furnace’s life and reduce your energy costs if you conduct just four simple activities regularly. This also reduces the number of times you must call us which saves you money in another way.

  1. Each month you need to inspect and change the system air filter. In winter, check it more often and change it whenever the filter appears dirty.
  2. Have your ducts and vents cleaned regularly. Dirty ducts and vents make a furnace system work harder and they can spread the pet dander and dust that collects in them.
  3. Another monthly task is to inspect the blower assembly. Look to see if it has grown dirty or dusty. If it has, call us to have us come professionally clean the blower.
  4. Have regular professional maintenance performed on the heating system. Adhering to a maintenance plan makes it easy to keep the furnace working at peak performance.

Repair or replace a damaged heat system?

At New West Plumbing, we help New Westminster residents determine which choice serves them better – repair or replacement. Sometimes, a simple repair can keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently for years. In other cases, repairing the system ceases being cost-effective. That occurs when we can tell after conducting a physical examination and running a few diagnostic tests. While some companies might try to lengthen the amount of service calls they can get out of you, we as New Westminster plumbers prefer honesty. We want to save you money and often times, purchasing a new heat system costs you less in the long run than having us visit to make repairs repeatedly. New systems provide updated eco-features that provide energy savings. Many manufacturers provide incentive programs that reduce the cost of a new furnace or boiler. We do not recommend any manufacturer. We help you choose a high-efficiency heating system that will perform well and save you money. Our plumbing professionals can repair or replace your current heat system.

New home construction

Perhaps you plan to construct a new home. Call us at New West Plumbing, so we can help you plan it. In this project, we can also help you choose a high-efficiency heating system that will perform well and save you money. When you build a new home, the heat system plays an integral role in the efficiency of your home’s energy costs. Making an informed choice saves you money. Consult with our experts to choose the best performing system that will save you money in the long run. We can help you find and obtain a smart system with energy-saving features built-in. New West Plumbing can help you choose a new heat system for your under-construction home and install it. 

Maintenance plans and service calls

Regardless of the system you choose, proper performance requires regular maintenance. Instead of having us visit for expensive service calls that require replacement parts or major overhauls, contract with our expert plumbing technicians for a regular maintenance plan. A regularly scheduled furnace tune up can add years to the life of your furnace or boiler. New Westminster plumbing professionals can help you make your new or existing heat system last with regular maintenance.

Choosing your new heating system

Why do we suggest that you consult with us before purchasing a new heating system? There exists a massive selection of possibilities and each requires very different circumstances. You must determine which of the three types of heating system you want, then choose between three types of furnaces. We favor natural gas furnaces, but your needs may differ. You have numerous fueling options. Once you decide which of those options you want, you look at different manufacturer models. A number of companies produce high-quality products and we can help determine the best choice for you. We do not recommend one manufacturer or another. We received broad-based training and install all makes and models of heaters and furnaces.

Heater system types

Three types of furnace or heater system exist for you to choose from: single, two-stage, and modulating or variable.

A single-stage furnace is the simplest with two positions – on and off. When the thermostat registers a temperature colder than its target setting it turns on to heat the home. When the temperature reaches its preset temperature, the thermostat turns off.

A two-stage or dual-stage furnace actually has three settings: high, low, and off. These run quieter and use less energy. They cost a bit more at the outset, but you save money over the long haul.

You could always choose the modulating or variable furnace which provides the best choice in gas-powered furnaces. It creates toasty comfort since it has none of the temperature fluctuations that single- and dual-stage furnaces do. This type of furnace makes continual, incremental adjustments that provide you consistent heat.

We service two of the three types of heating systems – boilers and furnaces. While the boiler and furnace only work in winter, the heat pump functions year around. While each has its most desirable situation, we advocate for the gas furnace.

A multitude of benefits exist in choosing the gas furnace. The top reason varies in percentage depending on the location, but it comes down to savings. Gas-powered furnaces typically cost less to power than electric models. In some areas, this can amount to a cost savings of up to about 33 percent over electricity.

You will use a cleaner alternative that provides for energy-efficient heat for your home or office. Natural gas helps you create a smaller carbon footprint since it is the cleanest fossil fuel.

You also will continue to have heat during a power outage. A heat system powered without electricity lets you stay toasty during electric outages.

Of course, you also must consider what fuel options remain locally available to you. You also need to determine which size of furnace option you require. Gas options do typically take up more space. While a ductless split unit costs more, it requires less space.

When you build a new home or you need to replace the furnace in your current home, we recommend you purchase a high-efficiency furnace. Study the efficiency rating also called the AFUE percentage. This should be at least 90 percent. The efficiency rating refers to how many cents in each dollar the unit provides towards heating your home.

Another rating to study is the ENERGY STAR rating. This provides information on the ecological performance and energy use of the furnace. Nearly all appliances now have an ENERGY STAR rating.

You also need to determine the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating for the furnace. This determines the square footage the furnace can heat.

When you get ready to shop for your new furnace, consult with us. We can have one of our professional qualified heating contractors visit your home to measure it, so you purchase according to the right specifications. This lets you shop with confidence knowing that you only consider furnaces with the appropriate BTU ratings.

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Ask us about any current rebates offered by manufacturers or the government, too. While not always available, you can often find a way to offset your costs by using rebates. It is in your best interest to purchase or replace both components at the same time.

As New Westminster, BC residents, we understand the specific needs of the area. We know the winters and the challenges they present. While our area typically experiences mild weather compared to Calgary, for instance, we still need to remain warm in the cold months. Our area experiences near freezing temperatures for months each year, so we depend on our natural gas boilers and furnaces for our safety and good health. You can depend on natural gas year around to provide heat when you need it, including during a random cold snap. The same natural gas that heats your home fuels your water heater to provide hot water. This dependable heat source serves British Columbia admirably.

New West Plumbing helps you with all of your furnace and boiler needs. We provide the New Westminster, BC area furnace repair, furnace maintenance, and furnace replacement. Reach out to us for furnace service or for any of our other plumbing services. Call us for new building planning or furnace troubleshooting. Allow us to help you stay toasty every winter.