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Why Choose New West Plumbing?

Whenever it applies to plumbing solutions, our Burnaby plumbers got it covered. As plumbers, we always recognize that after a hard day of work, a home is a place of leisure and ultimate comfort. Therefore, we will not allow anyone’s harmony and security to be ruined by some form of leaky pipes or another drainage issue. Choose the reliability and dependability of a company for plumbing services with qualified consultants to take better care of the plumbing system in any home. By adequately resolving all your plumbing problems, plumber Burnaby professionals will undoubtedly alleviate those stresses. We’re a business that is focused on the resolution of concerns with residential plumbers and commercial plumbing services on hand.

Drain Clean-Up and Repairs

Plumbing and drainage problems cause unacceptable destruction in one’s residence. Due to a busted pipe or a clogged drain, this just adds to any exceptionally larger repair or new installation price tags. As you would expect, this is a serious issue that needs a skilled drainpipe cleaner. What it takes as a specialist drain cleaning business is what’s provided to keep any house and business location from developing blockage or flooding issues. This confirms that those who call us end up saving a ton of cash in the long run. We can assist whenever called and guarantee that everyone will not go through a plumbing crisis.

​Should you receive any drain cleaning or repair services from a plumber, let New West Plumbing be one’s preferred choice as we deliver outstanding services and better-quality drainage solutions. Since we have remained in business for a long time, customers indeed can be confident about our initiatives, meaning that we are extremely skilled. We pledge that all clients are happy knowing that they are working with drain cleaning consultants that are truly skilled and reliable. We strive with the value of being accredited and licensed in this industry.

Modernization and Installments of Sanitation Systems

For those custom interior renovation needs in kitchens or bathrooms, or even sewer line improvements, we want to keep everyone supported. New West Plumbing in Burnaby is the one to depend upon because we have a natural talent and thoughtful analysis expected for an excellent performance. For current residential construction, as well as for your home or commercial remodeling, we will install new pipework and plumbing fixtures.

What are the solutions we offer and the components that we install? These services include but are not limited to: backflow units, water heaters, waste disposal, replacing older copper piping, kitchen renovation and bathroom infrastructure, sewage injectors, water filtration, and water conditioning systems, drainage pipes, water faucets, and more accessory features.

Maintenance of Drains and Plumbing Lines

Homeowners also struggle from a drain or pipe that is not clear, possibly triggering an overflow. Maybe instead, draining is completely depleted. Your first step is to contact our Burnaby plumbers for all concerns. We will come to any house or business location with a plumbing consultant, examine the matter, figure out what the factors of blockage might be, and let you know what interventions will resolve everything.

Typically, the best answer is a great cabling technique for difficult drain clogs in interior drains. Snaking, another term for cabling removes debris such as grease, hair, or sludge built up in a home’s pipes. Cabling is the top solution for floor, sink, shower, and tub drainage issues. Our plumbers may propose ongoing product processes that get rid of the formation of this type of accumulation.

Plumbing Remodeling and Installations

n Burnaby and the surrounding areas, we are here to tackle all plumbing concerns at any time of day or night throughout each day of the week. Our skilled and talented plumbers will be able to detect your problem and notify each client before conducting any work on repair methods and the rate, whether that is a buildup or crack in the piping, water heater system repairs, leaky toilet, trickling faucet, or video recording sewer inspection.

If a client is in the process of buying a new residence, then we offer everyone an inspection for the mainline sewer utilizing a video camera to inspect what upcoming plumbing repairs are awaiting.

Plumbing fixtures that we’re servicing and repairing are:

Frequent servicing for anyone’s plumbing system reduces costs and increases efficiency, which prevents excessive spending and hardships. In turn, helping to avoid costly setbacks and hazards. Then, aiding in keeping any plumbing infrastructure within compliance for most warranties while improving overall system safety, extending the life of devices or components, control the energy or water bills, saving energy, and improving general performances.

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Repair and Replacement of Water Heaters

Should a homeowner need to replace, modify, or maintain a water heater for a property, then contact us today. Tankless and classic tank water heaters are repairable to keep functioning longer. We also do water heater evaluations, and we provide all customers with service plans. We have experience and the ability to master the servicing, repair, and replacement of:

Over several years of late, the innovation for a conventional water heater with tanks has improved a lot. Current designs are more energy effective and stable than past versions in turn being offered with a high-efficient element to function better now. However, this factor does not leave these models out of the necessity to be repaired and maintained regularly.

We assist in choosing the ideally equipped and sized tank for the needs of any household or business if individuals contact us before making a purchase. Be advised to arrange an annual inspection and maintenance of water heaters to ensure staying within code and functioning at a high-performance level. Anode rods corroding are commonly the reason to experience fissures or ruptures within the tank, which our Burnaby plumber technicians are skilled in detecting and replacing.

As the Burnaby trusted plumber, our plumbers can also clean and flush tanks to prevent the concentration of sediment and lime deposits. The alternative to general maintenance would make leave the heater burner unable to run properly and efficiently heat the water in a tank. Not to mention, the increased waiting time for hot water or unpleasant smells while consuming more energy than expected to name a few issues to arise by this.


Thanks for fixing the water leak in my washroom. Was quick and efficient.
Ameya Bhagat
Ameya Bhagat
Cesar from New West Plumbing assisted with my bathroom renovation with installing a new sink, toilet and bathtub. Very professional and everything worked fine. Excellent plumbers I would use again.
Prime Chimney Repair
Prime Chimney Repair
I had their service today on Sunday and not only the service but the people were exceptional! Thank you!!
Great experience with New West Plumbing. My call was promptly answered and the appointment was quickly scheduled. They did a great job of installing a new hot water heater and also in explaining thoroughly the functionality of the unit. Thank you!
D Baek
D Baek
Punctual effective fast polite.
xzhm lxm
xzhm lxm
Professional plumbing service from New West Plumbing! Cesar was able to find the source of the leak and get it repaired quickly. He showed up on time and he was very friendly. Great experience overall and I would call again for future needs.
Chloe McClain
Chloe McClain
Cesar and team were amazing, they addressed an issue very quickly and gave me suggestions on how to address this with my Strata and possible warranty. Upon the initial assessment they needed a part, Cesar got on the phone and managed to source one locally and came back to address the fix the same day. The call phone call prior to their arrival with a time frame was a bonus added touch so I wasn’t hanging around all day waiting. A big thank you to them!
Lou Setchell
Lou Setchell
They were quick to respond to my call. They did a good job when they came to fix the toilet.
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Cesar came to install my newly purchased Navien water heater. I found him to be very friendly and professional. I had a bunch of questions regarding the installation and he kindly answered them thoroughly. Happy to call him again for any future plumbing needs.
Josh Val
Josh Val
Booked an estimate for a bathroom overhaul, I was told they'd call me the day before to arrange a time. Didn't receive a phone call, and they didn't show up on the scheduled day. Look elsewhere - this company is too busy to care about new clients. 5* work doesn't mean anything if they can't even show up.
Morgan King
Morgan King

Pricing for Repairs

Monday – Friday
​8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
1st hour – $150
Then $80 every addition hour

Monday – Friday​
5:00 PM – onwards
1st hour – $300
Then $95 every additional hour

Saturday and Sunday
1st hour – $300
​Then $95 every additional hour

Tankless Heaters for Water

Never shiver with anticipation while waiting around for hot water in the shower with a new tankless water heater. Instead of a tank of sitting water, there is however a steady flux of water through the pipework. That’s the motivating force behind why people value water heaters without tanks.

On this note, there are numerous advantages of a tankless heating system which includes up to 50 percent less CO2 emissions than a tank water heater. Other benefits revolve around saving space as it is positioned on the wall nowadays, lower energy and operating costs, twice the extended life as a conventional tank, and ultimately, no tank that floods or fractures!

Regarding all plumbing specifications, request New West Plumbing in Burnaby! With our years of experience and 24/7 service, we will manage the worst plumbing emergencies and any major project! We are confident we can provide the plumbing services needed at a reasonable price.