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Drain Cleaning and Repair

Thanks for fixing the water leak in my washroom. Was quick and efficient.
Ameya Bhagat
Ameya Bhagat
Cesar from New West Plumbing assisted with my bathroom renovation with installing a new sink, toilet and bathtub. Very professional and everything worked fine. Excellent plumbers I would use again.
Prime Chimney Repair
Prime Chimney Repair
I had their service today on Sunday and not only the service but the people were exceptional! Thank you!!
Great experience with New West Plumbing. My call was promptly answered and the appointment was quickly scheduled. They did a great job of installing a new hot water heater and also in explaining thoroughly the functionality of the unit. Thank you!
D Baek
D Baek
Punctual effective fast polite.
xzhm lxm
xzhm lxm
Professional plumbing service from New West Plumbing! Cesar was able to find the source of the leak and get it repaired quickly. He showed up on time and he was very friendly. Great experience overall and I would call again for future needs.
Chloe McClain
Chloe McClain
Cesar and team were amazing, they addressed an issue very quickly and gave me suggestions on how to address this with my Strata and possible warranty. Upon the initial assessment they needed a part, Cesar got on the phone and managed to source one locally and came back to address the fix the same day. The call phone call prior to their arrival with a time frame was a bonus added touch so I wasn’t hanging around all day waiting. A big thank you to them!
Lou Setchell
Lou Setchell
They were quick to respond to my call. They did a good job when they came to fix the toilet.
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Isabel “Bellah” Jonas
Cesar came to install my newly purchased Navien water heater. I found him to be very friendly and professional. I had a bunch of questions regarding the installation and he kindly answered them thoroughly. Happy to call him again for any future plumbing needs.
Josh Val
Josh Val
Booked an estimate for a bathroom overhaul, I was told they'd call me the day before to arrange a time. Didn't receive a phone call, and they didn't show up on the scheduled day. Look elsewhere - this company is too busy to care about new clients. 5* work doesn't mean anything if they can't even show up.
Morgan King
Morgan King

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Drain Cleaning and Repair - New Westminster, B.C.

Drains are one of the most commonly used parts of any home, even though it’s something we don’t think about too much. Any time we use any water apparatus, the drain is a vital piece of functionality. Since they’re so frequently used, it’s not surprising that they need maintenance and cleaning over time.

Most homeowners may think that drain cleaning is as simple as buying a chemical drain cleaner from the supermarket and it’s good to go. While sometimes it may be helpful, it’s not the only element that’s important for drain cleaning.

Over time, different materials build up in our drains, such as fats, oils, grease, minerals, and even solid objects. When buildup like this occurs, it can become solid, causing clogs. If you find yourself with this kind of issue, a chemical drain cleaner you buy at the store isn’t going to be of much help, and sometimes can even damage your drains and pipes if you use them too often.

It’s much better to call in a drain cleaning plumber from New West Plumbing to make sure that your drains are cleaned and maintained with optimal lifespan in mind; this can help avoid any problems with the drains and pipes, which ultimately end up being much more costly.

Even if you have no signs of clogging, drain cleaning is recommended every few few years by a drain cleaning technician; it’s a relatively quick and affordable process, and will keep your drains as happy as can be!

If you need any drainage repair, a technician can also help with that. Here at New West Plumbing, we have a team of licensed expert plumbers who can help you with anything related to drain cleaning or drainage repair.

Sometimes, aside from preventative maintenance, you may find yourself with draining issues, and perhaps you need drainage repair.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning or Repair

What to Expect from Drain Services

When New West Plumbing comes in to help with your drain cleaning or drainage repair, this is what you can expect: 

  • Our expert drain cleaning plumber team will arrive and inspect your drainage and plumbing system with care and effective service. 
  • After inspection, you’ll receive a diagnosis of what’s causing any issues. 
  • Our team will then provide you with a quote based on the job 
  • We’ll fix the issues right then and there if possible! We do anything we can to make sure your drains are functioning effectively and comfortably. 
  • We clean up any mess left behind. 

So, now that you know a bit about what the process looks like, what are the typical methods of drain cleaning?

Drain Jetting

One option for cleaning out your drain is hydro jet drain cleaning. This is a highly effective and sophisticated method for cleaning out drains. You can find more about this method on our drain jetting info page.

Drain Snake

Another option for drain cleaning is to use a drain snake. Our licensed drain cleaning experts know how to use these drain snakes with accuracy and always work to keep your drains safe while ensuring the quickest service possible.

What Happens After My Drain Service?

Once New West Plumbing has wrapped up your drain service, you’ll be able to enjoy: 

  • Drains that clear out water quickly 
  • Consistent and flowing water pressure 
  • Properly-flushing toilets
  • Happy drains free of clogs and debris 

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning maintenance is super important for maintaining a happy home, so contact New West Plumbing to set up your appointment today in the New Westminster area including Coquitlam!