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How To Find a Silent Toilet Leak

Leaking toilets are the most common plumbing problems that homeowners face. The leaks can cause house-wide havoc and lead to multiple issues at once. Not only are leaks inconvenient, but a water leak increases your water costs. A common problem is that most people don’t know they have a toilet leak until it is too late. Fortunately, there are signs of a toilet leak that tip off homeowners. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for.

Why Silent Toilet Leaks Are So Damaging

Toilet leaks tax the environment and your budget. A silent leak could cost hundreds of dollars to repair when you could avoid these costs by inspecting the toilet more frequently. For example, listen for the toilet to shut down after you flush it.

If the toilet continues to run, or if there is a leak, you could potentially waste 25 times as much water as if you had a shower or sink leak. Since the leak continues to flow, costs will accumulate because of the water loss.

Extremely large amounts of water could be wasted with just one toilet leak. You could see your monthly water expenses rise, substantially if you don’t get it fixed.

In addition, you could incur hundreds of dollars in property damage and may develop mold throughout your home. Unfortunately, silent leaks may not lead to water on the floor, and the leak could be concealed by bathroom tiles as the water flows underneath them.

Ways to Detect Silent Toilet Leaks

Easy-to-follow tests help you determine if you have a silent leak, and you can complete them without a plumber.

Dye Test

You can get a dye test from your preferred plumbing supply store inexpensively. The tablets are either red or blue and are easy to use when trying to detect a toilet leak. You drop one of the tablets into your toilet tank and waits 10 minutes. If there isn’t any color in the toilet bowl, there isn’t a leak, but if red or blue appears in the toilet bowl, there is a leak. If you find a toilet leak after the dye test, contact our professional Burnaby plumbers if you reside in Burnaby, BC as soon as possible.

Pencil Test

You draw a line with the pencil on the back wall of the toilet tank, and then you draw one at the waterline inside the toilet tank. Next, shut off the water and wait 30 minutes. If the water remains at the pencil mark, the toilet leak is around the refill valve at the left of the tank. If the pencil mark is above the water level, the flush valve is causing the toilet leak at the center of the tank.

Water Leak Sensor

A water leak sensor is a great gadget for all homeowners and it helps you find a toilet leak faster. If a leak is detected, the sensor beeps and flashes a red light. If there aren’t any issues with the toilet, the sensor flashes a green light when it is engaged. You could get a leak sensor for as little as $20.

How to Determine a Fill Valve Leak

You may face a more difficult challenge in trying to find a fill valve leak. To assess the toilet, allow the tank to fill completely and remove the tank lid. Review the overflow tube and ensure that water is flowing into it properly. If the water continues to flow, there is a leak, and you must schedule a toilet leak repair.

When to Call a Plumber in Burnaby For Your Toilet Leak

Luckily, you can perform these simple tests to detect a silent leak and act quickly to get the leak fixed. This can save you time and money, and it could decrease your water costs significantly. However, more serious issues require a professional plumber to correct. If you have performed the tests and still cannot find the toilet leak, contact us at New West Plumbing to schedule an inspection.

When you call us, we can help you save money and get help from affordable and cost-effective plumbing professionals in the Burnaby area. We offer a multitude of superior plumber services, including toilet leak detection, and offer flat-rate pricing for our services. If you have a toilet leak, contact us at New West Plumbing right now and schedule an appointment!