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Items Homeowners Should Have Within Their Emergency Plumbing Kit

Plumbing mishaps can strike unexpectedly and vary in severity, but one thing remains consistent – they’re never fun! While reaching out to professionals like New West Plumbing is often necessary during emergencies, a well-prepared emergency plumbing kit can help you manage minor issues until help arrives.

These kits contain various items designed to assist you in addressing unforeseen plumbing problems within your home. You’ll be glad you have one of these kits when disaster strikes.

Below, we’ve listed eight must-have items for your plumbing emergency kit:

1. A Large Bucket (5+ Gallons)

Having a large bucket around can go a long way in mitigating plumbing emergencies and protecting your property from structural damage. Not only will this serve as part of your emergency kit for plumbing issues, but it can even serve to store items.

2. Plumber’s Putty

Professional plumbers use their plumber’s putty when creating watertight seals on pipes, faucets, drains, and more. You can find large industrial quantities at most hardware stores; its use can help stop unexpected leaks and address various emergency plumbing situations! It may even save your day in case something unexpectedly breaks.

3. Replacement Cartridges/Washers

Washer stops are an integral component of faucets that works to stop the overall flow of water; consequently, their replacement should occur periodically within your plumbing appliances and faucets in your home.

Cartridges are used in faucets to regulate water flow when you switch them on, but these cartridges can become leaky over time and lead to further issues with faucet performance.

Replacement washers and cartridges can go a long way toward helping pinpoint issues when leaks arise. However, any replacements must fit exactly like your existing units! It is also crucial that they match in size to the existing components!

4. Multiple Plungers

Although this section only enumerates one type of plungers, having multiple plungers around your home/business in case of various plumbing emergencies is crucial. Be sure to stock at least three types of plungers:

Sink Plungers

Most people associate sink plungers with being the standard plunger and can easily recognize them from their red rubber cups and wooden handles. While this type of plunger works great with flat surfaces like sinks (not toilets), it may present issues when it comes to unclogging toilets or performing repairs. They will work great for shower drains but do not always work when dealing with toilet clogs and repairs.

Toilet Plunger

Another name for this type of plunger is “flange plunger,” with the primary distinction being rubber flaps that fold out from inside its rubber cup to provide adequate cover of curved toilet drain areas and suitable suction power.

Due to hygiene reasons, it’s generally advised not to use the same plunger for toilet and flat drain surfaces!

Accordion Plunger

These hard plastic plungers may be more difficult to use than their counterparts and must always be submerged completely for proper functioning.

But they can come in particularly handy if your toilet has become clogged up and the conventional toilet plunger isn’t doing its job!

5. Duct Tape

A handy item to include in your plumbing emergency kit is duct tape, which can help stop minor leaks before calling our professional team of plumbers.

Duct tape can provide some much-needed extra time in an emergency situation. While it shouldn’t be considered a permanent solution, duct tape may help quickly secure things when needed.

6.Tools and Toolbox

Every emergency kit needs tools! A versatile tool kit is indispensable for home repairs and improvements, particularly when it comes to turning, twisting, loosening, or compressing plumbing components.

Here are a few tools you’ll need in your arsenal for effective photography:

Pipe Wrenches

This wrench was specially created to grip round objects like pipes. Thanks to their sharp teeth, these wrenches can dig into surfaces while applying pressure against tight spaces to provide sufficient gripping pressure in tight situations and turns.

Not to forget, however, that this type of wrench may leave teeth marks behind; therefore, be mindful when dealing with fragile pipes and shiny plumbing fixtures!

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is designed for quick and effective loosening and tightening of bolts and nuts in emergency plumbing situations, making this wrench highly flexible for just about every emergency plumbing need.

Slip-Joint Pliers

Also referred to as tongue and groove pliers or channel locks, Slip-Joint pliers can help people adjust, twist, and squeeze any plumbing appliance parts with difficulty. They’re incredibly flexible and adjustable, making these essential tools for making adjustments easier than ever!

Screwdriver Set

A full set of different screwdrivers will give you peace of mind that there will always be the appropriate screwdriver for every task.

7. Flashlight/Headlamp

DIY plumbing repairs often occur under appliances and sinks where there’s little light, making repairs harder to see clearly and understand what needs to be done. A flashlight in your plumbing tool kit will always come in handy in helping to see what is going on, as well as helping understand your repairs!

We suggest investing in a hands-free flashlight like a headlamp so you’re not fidgeting with it when both hands may be needed!

8. Gloves

All forms of plumbing repairs can become quite messy, requiring proper hand protection like heavy-duty gloves to safeguard hands from bacteria or germs that might enter through cracks in pipes or fixtures.

Build Your Emergency Plumbing Kit Today!

In the world of homeownership, plumbing emergencies can strike unexpectedly. An emergency plumbing kit is essential for responding swiftly and efficiently until professional help arrives. From versatile tools like large buckets and plumber’s putty to vital components such as replacement cartridges and various plungers, these items serve crucial roles in addressing plumbing issues.

Equipped with duct tape for temporary leak control and an array of essential tools, including wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers, you’re well-prepared to tackle various plumbing challenges. Being proactive in preparing for plumbing emergencies provides peace of mind and minimizes damage and inconvenience. Reach out to New West Plumbing at 604-256-5590 or online to discover how we can support you during all plumbing emergencies in New Westminster, BC!