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Addressing a Gurgling Noise Coming From the Sink

Nobody wants to hear a strange gurgling noise coming from their sink, as their mind immediately wonders how much it will cost to fix the problem. They hope the problem is easily corrected without professional help but must do some detective work to determine what steps they need to take. For example, they must first figure out whether the sound comes from one drain or if multiple drains have similar issues. Gather as much information as feasible right away, as this helps to identify the source of the problem and what steps they must take to resolve the issue.Although the gurgling noise distresses many owners, it allows them to take action quickly before the problem expands. A person may attempt to fix the problem themselves, and minor issues often are handled without professional help. However, if there is any doubt regarding your ability to tackle the problem, Burnaby plumbers are ready to help.

Where is the Noise Coming From?

First, a person needs to determine which sink makes the gurgling noise. Often, the problem lies in the kitchen sink. This makes sense, as this sink gets regular use and people send countless items down the drain. This includes food scraps, cooking oil, and grease. These items build up in the pipes over time and can cause a blockage. If the gurgling noise comes from one sink, the problem likely lies in the pipes attached to that sink. However, multiple drains gurgling suggest the problem is bigger and the clog likely exists in the main sewer line. This problem requires a call to a Burnaby plumber such as New West Plumbing. Trained plumbers understand the causes of gurgling drains and will fix the problem promptly.

The Cause of the Gurgling Noise

A clog serves as only one reason for a gurgling noise coming from one or more sinks in the home. A partially drain clogged comes with a gurgling sound, but the same noise accompanies a drain that isn’t properly vented. The vent prevents a vacuum from occurring when someone fills the sink. When the drain lacks the proper venting, air fills the vacuum the water creates and brings about the gurgling noise. The gurgling comes from the sound of the air as it rushes past the sink’s P-trap.

Some sinks have an air admittance valve rather than a vent. These valves are usually pressure-activated. A trapped or immovable valve leads to a gurgling noise coming from the sink, or the valve itself may have a blockage. If the valve fails within a few years of its installation, however, the problem typically lies deeper in the plumbing system. These valves should function correctly for decades before they develop problems. Contact a plumber Burnaby for help in determining whether the problem lies in the valve or another part of the system.

External vents might build up waste. Birds could make their home in the vent or plant leaves might make their way into it. This leads to debris stacking at the joining points. Remove this debris to see if it resolves the gurgling noise. A person must use a significant amount of water pressure to clear the vent or they may need a plumbing auger. For this reason, it’s best to call for professional help to remove the debris without damaging the system.

Resolving the Issue

Begin assessing the problem by turning the hot water on and letting it run for a few minutes. This simple step might be enough to clear the clog and have the drain operating properly again. The water helps to remove any debris in the pipes and send it to the main sewer pipe where it will be carried away. If not, continue investigating the problem.

A person might have plumbing tools and wish to attempt the repair themselves. Plungers and drain snakes can be a great help at this time. The snake works to break up the clog so the person working on the drain can flush it away. However, prevention remains the best step any property owner can take to ensure the drains don’t gurgle and other problems don’t develop within the system.

Soap scum, hair, and other debris accumulate within plumbing systems over time. For this reason, property owners should clean the drains regularly. Not only does this help to prevent clogs, but it also minimizes odors and helps to extend the lifespan of the plumbing system. However, avoid using cleaning products with chemicals. These chemicals could lead to corrosion of the pipes and bring about leaks. In addition, the chemicals could react with other items in the plumbing system and cause damage. It’s best to turn to a professional plumber for help to ensure new problems don’t arise.

To prevent clogs in the future, begin using a combination of baking soda and vinegar in the drains regularly. This mixture dissolves minor clog problems. Furthermore, the mixture won’t cause damage to the pipes. Carrying out this task regularly reduces the risk of clogs and ensures visits from a plumber are needed less often in the future.

Never hesitate to call a plumber for help with a problem with drains. Gurgling serves as only one symptom of a problem within the system, and any abnormality needs to be investigated immediately. A failure to address the problem promptly could lead to additional damage to the system and higher repair bills. If you have any doubt regarding your ability to fix the problem, call for help.

Trained and certified plumbers carry the tools necessary to fix any plumbing issue. They do a drain inspection, often using a camera to see inside the pipes and diagnose the problem. Once they know what is bringing about the gurgling noise or other problem, they recommend solutions. This might involve hydro-jetting the pipes to clean them or using trenchless pipe lining to fix a leak. When it comes to a gurgling noise, they can quickly and easily clear the drain so life can return to normal. Contact a plumber today. The sooner you do, the sooner your drain issue will be resolved and you can sleep in peace knowing bigger problems aren’t on the horizon.