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7 Signs You Need a Good Drain Cleaning

Day after day, we often overlook the smoothly operating plumbing services we have at our disposal. Upon reflection, it becomes clear just how much we depend on our plumbing system for a variety of basic activities – such as going to the bathroom, brushing our teeth, taking showers, washing items in the kitchen, cleaning, and beyond. 

But, when a problem presents itself, we become immediately aware that something isn’t right. It’s easy to become panicked and worry about what to do. 

There is no shortage of supplies in the store that are labeled as “drain cleaning” products, but before you consider using one, keep in mind these may actually do more harm than good. Especially when you’re unsure of what the problem is, it’s probably better to pick up the phone and call in a drain cleaning technician first. 

Let’s take a look at 7 tell-tale signs that it’s time to call in for drain cleaning services. 

1. Slow Moving Drain 

As life would have it, we may encounter a drain problem at an inopportune moment; while there is never a good time for plumbing issues, maybe you notice that your shower or bathtub is draining out water at a much slower pace than you need. Perhaps your sink is building up water and it seems to take a lifetime to drain out. If you notice something like this, it’s likely that you have a clogged drain. What can cause a clogged drain? There are a variety of things that build up over time, creating blockage. These things include soap, hair, grease, food particles, and more. Once they’ve built up enough, you’ll find yourself with a clogged drain. 

This can cause huge problems if you don’t address it in a timely manner. Drain cleaning is one of the most common calls we receive here at New West Plumbing, so if you’re looking for a drain cleaning New Westminster, BC, we can definitely help you avoid further issues. 

2. Gurgling Sound 

Slow moving water drainage isn’t the only sign that you need a professional drain cleaning. If you frequently hear gurgling sounds when your water is draining, it can be a sign of something worse to come. 

Strange noises coming from your pipes usually means that a clog is coming. The noise that you hear as your water drains is caused by a forming buildup that is creating air bubbles as the water is running past it.

Seeking out a drain cleaning technician to help remove the forming clogs will avoid more serious problems and get rid of that annoying sound every time your water is clearing out of the sink. 

3.  Standing Water 

Have you noticed that there is a bunch of water that just ends up sitting in the sink for ages? Or perhaps you’re taking a shower, and about halfway through you find yourself standing in a puddle of water that just won’t continue down the drain. Uncomfortable, right? 

The issue of standing water is one of the clearest signs that you need a drain cleaning, as the drain is preventing the water from being cleared out of the space. Due to a severe blockage, the water is completely unable to be drained. 

While it’s possible that you may need drainage repair, it’s better to call in a professional to see if they can offer drain cleaning services to address the problem. 

In any case, don’t use a liquid drain cleaner. This may contribute to the blockage and cause more serious problems. Call in a professional drain cleaning technician to check it out first. 

4. Fruit Flies

Perhaps you’ve never had a problem with insects in your house before, but you start to notice a bunch of little fruit flies around. Even after cleaning up and eliminating any food that may attract them, they just won’t get out of there. 

What many people fail to realize is that food or particles that are stuck in your drains and pipes are very attractive to fruit flies, and can lead them to stick around in your kitchen or other areas of your house. 

Once you get a professional drain cleaning technician to take a look and wipe out the problem, the fruit flies will effectively be wiped out as well, as there won’t be anything of interest to them remaining. 

5. Foul Smelling Odors

Nothing is worse than when you walk into a room and you can smell a nasty, stale smell of water or backed up drains. This is really uncomfortable, unappetizing, and also can cause problems for your health. 

Typically, if you find that your home is suffering from foul-smelling odors, it’s a big indicator that it’s time to get your drains checked out. Maybe you’ve been cleaning and keeping everything in order, but it still doesn’t go away. Perhaps the odor is hiding within your pipes. 

If sewage or other clogging material is blocking your pipes, a drain cleaning technician can remove this blockage using their special equipment and knowledge. This is really important to keep your home smelling fresh and also to keep your family safe and healthy from dangerous or toxic buildup.

6. Water Backup 

This takes standing water one step further; not only does the water not have anywhere to go, it will be pushed back up and cause pooling and puddling in your home. What a nightmare! 

If you see this happening in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or other areas of your home, call a professional immediately. The water that is rejected and pooling in your home will cause damage to your home, and can also be detrimental to your family’s health and sanitation. 

7. Liquid Drain Cleaner Issues 

Sometimes, when the buildup is very minor or in its beginning stages, drain cleaners purchased at the store can usually take care of the problem. If one serving of drain cleaner didn’t do the trick, maybe another bottle will take care of it? 

Not likely. Don’t continue to drown your piping with a drain cleaner. This can damage your pipes and will not resolve the problem. If your pipes become damaged, this can lead to costly repairs and a huge headache. 

If you have an issue with your drains and you think you may need drain cleaning services, call in a drain cleaning technician right away to avoid any future problems with your plumbing and drainage. 

Clean Your Drains Back to Normal with a Professional Drain Cleaning 

While sometimes store-bought drain cleaners can fix a clogged drain, it’s important to routinely clean your drains so that they stay clean and in good working order for your family. Preventative maintenance and cleaning can help to maintain the integrity of your plumbing and avoid issues in the future. 

If you need a drain cleaning or think you have a clogged drain in New Westminster BC, give New West Plumbing a call and our professional and experienced drain cleaning technicians will be there immediately to help get your home draining with happy and healthy pipes.