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6 Potential Signs of a Hidden Plumbing Leak

A great many people don’t believe that little leaks represent a serious plumbing crisis. In any case, considering the expense and time even a minor plumbing leak can bring about, one should look to the services of a plumber in Coquitlam should you see indications of a hidden plumbing leak coming from a leaking pipe. Concealed pipe leakage is known to be a serious problem as water damage can get worse over time. Consequently, the question is: what are the indicators of an invisible water drip? Contact your Coquitlam plumber on the off chance that you recognize any of these signs:

UNEXPLAINED WATER BILL HIKES: An unusual spike in your water bill even though your water use has not changed serves as an excellent indicator of a hidden plumbing leak. It is most advisable to consider your previous half a year of water bills and check when your bills began to rise the most. This can give you a good indicator of the leak’s existence and the degree of harm the leak may have caused.

SMELLING MUSTY ODORS: Old, gathered water from a defective pipe, as a rule, gives off an unmistakable smell. In the event that you do experience a stale earthy or musty smell, even after totally cleaning your washroom, this is a certain sign of a leak along the pipes. Consequently, since the leak stays covered up, there is less of a possibility for the water to dry. To check to see whether this is an issue with a leaky pipe at the sink, open up the cabinet under the sink and check for water pooling on any objects that are stored under the sink. Additionally, you should run your hand along the woodwork and floor under the sink to check for dampness and/or indications of swelling material.

WATER STAINS ON CEILINGS: In the event that you have a plumbing leak issue in your second-floor washroom, indications of water damage, or different stains on the ceiling below in the room under the washroom. Keep in mind that you may also see stains farther away since water can stream over a significant distance. You may have a plumbing leak with your second-floor pipes if the ceiling underneath shows dark, copper, or brown colored stains.

WATER DAMAGED FLOORING: It’s uncommon occurrence for water to harm your washroom floor except if you permit water to settle on it or if there is a floor leak. A staining, cracking, or buckling washroom floor might be a good indication of a concealed plumbing leak. Water might have settled there from another leaking spot as well, or a leaking pipe underneath the floor.

WATER DAMAGED WALLS: Your washroom or bathrooms might be experiencing a plumbing leak should you notice stained or warping wall as well. When drywall is exposed to moisture, it begins to bubble, getting soft. Also, if the leak spreads to the ceiling, it ultimately leaks and begins to warp. 

MILDEW OR MOLD: Regardless of how exhaustive or how regularly you clean your washroom, a concealed water leak may eventually cause mildew or mold. The pipes installed under the flooring surface or in a wall fill or in corners as well are excellent areas for mold or mildew to develop if there’s a water leaking issue. Should you notice mold or mildew on non-shower walls or in corners of your bathroom; this could be an excellent indicator that you have a water leakage issue.Should you observe that your home is encountering any of the above indications of a concealed leak, it is always a good idea to contact an experienced Coquitlam plumbing expert as soon as possible. A knowledgeable plumber will have the ability to detect if this is an isolated issue or a real issue that requires prompt professional attention. 


When mold or mildew develop inside a home they can rapidly prompt serious health issues if unresolved. These health effects may include:

  • Throat, nose, and skin aggravation
  • Irritated eyes or redness
  • Regular hacking or sniffling
  • Upper and lower respiratory problems
  • Sinus blockage
  • Rashes

Much of the time, these kinds of medical issues are brought about by taking in unsafe spores. Direct skin contact, can likewise cause hypersensitivity. These issues are made significantly more serious when joined with previous respiratory conditions, for example, asthma. That is the reason why it’s so critical to act rapidly to look for water damage from leaking pipes when these symptoms occur.

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